• In 2021, we will collect 500,000 of ocean-bound plastic

    Half a million bottles. Yes, you read correctly! If stacked on top of each other, the bottle chain would be 15.8x the size of Mount Everest. This is the amount of ocean-bound plastic Tirtyl is planning to collect this year with our friends at Plastic Bank. It’s a lofty goal but one we’re determined to meet.
  • Hand Soap Ingredients Explained - The good, bad and ugly

    No parabens, no triclosan, no sulfates, no fragrance, no preservatives, no soap, the list goes on. With so many ingredients not in soap, it takes a chemistry major to understand the good, the bad and the ugly. That changes now.
  • Our 3 favourite eco-friendly gifts in 2021

    Are you trying to be more green this year? Maybe you want your loved ones to be more eco friendly? Or maybe, you’ve just got a green-freak friend and every year it’s becoming harder to find a good gift. Here are our top gift ideas in 2021.

  • Antibacterial Soap? Don't be fooled

    We all want to keep our families safe and use the most effective products, especially with COVID-19 at large. But is antibacterial soap more effective than normal soap? Here's what you need to know.

  • 5 reasons why EVERYONE is changing to foaming hand soap

    The COVID-19 pandemic has people washing their hands more than ever before, BUT not all soaps are created equal. Small changes in soap choice can have a BIG impact on your wallet, your health and your environmental footprint. Find out how you can make the smarter choice.

  • When plastic is an eco-friendlier choice

    Yes, you read correctly! As a company founded to prevent waste - especially plastic - this might seem like a strange choice of topic. Can plastic really be the smarter choice?